Eryldene Trust


Our website needs an overhaul to improve its usability and functionality. 

Project Cost: $4,000 – Community Target: $2,000

Make a donation to Eryldene Trust between 17 May and 20 June 2021 and the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank will match every dollar donated until they reach their fundraising goal.

Donations can also be made over the counter at either the Turramurra or Lndfield Community Bank.

About Eryldene Trust

The purpose of Eryldene Trust is to conserve the state heritage listed property ‘Eryldene’ at 17 McIntosh St Gordon, legacy of Professor EG Waterhouse, representing one of the best preserved examples of the work of architect Hardy Wilson, and the acclaimed camellia collection pioneered by the Professor.

Eryldene Historic House and Garden has been an integral component of its local community since it was built in 1914. Run and managed by volunteers through the Eryldene Trust since 1981, the property and the organisation receives no government or other ongoing funding. Funding is raised through open days, special events and public programs, by donations or through one-off grants.


Our Double the Impact Project:

Eryldene needs to rebuild its website to improve the functionality, appearance, appeal and accessibility (for visitors) and findability (for researchers) and to be mobile responsive.  This will enable us to grow a more diverse and larger audience from the local and wider community and to share the experience of the garden, it’s collections and house beyond those who can visit. If we are easier to find and access on-line, more people will be able to enjoy and appreciate this culturally significant house and garden as well as visit and attend open days and events, thus securing its conservation for the future.


Who will benefit from this fundraising initiative?

The wider community, including the local community, will benefit hugely from the project as an enhanced, functional and more easily accessible website will enable a stronger, engaging and sustainable connection between a greater diversity of communities and the culturally significant local asset of Eryldene house and garden.


Contact Details:

Visit the Eryldene Historic House and Garden Facebook Page:



Terms and Conditions:

Donate to the Eryldene Trust Fundraising Initiative and the Turramurra and Lindfield Community Bank will match dollar for dollar all funds raised in the period between 17 May and 20 June 2021 up to $2,000.

Any donations over this amount will not be matched – but will be received by Eryldene Trust at the close of the campaign.

Donations over $2 are tax deductable and Eryldene Trust (ABN 60 01 732 592) will provide donors with a receipt at the close of the campaign (as per our conditions of participation).